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It's been a while since I've sat down and coded something. Will have to dust myself off and come up with a project.

I've had my eighth call about ransomware attacks. please stahp.

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Can we just calm down with the ransomware attacks for like....a month?

Accidentally fkd my keybase account. Guess that's done now. Didn't want to use it anyway.

Blackfiresec looking for new clients today... the job of a small consultancy is never done.

After the past year now, I understand better why people go off grid and away from the rest of the species.

Got the wrangler fixed up a bit more and finalized tire swap and lift.

Almost feels like an armored detail vehicle now.

Three posts that I have worked on in May (and since the end of 2019) have been finalized and published:

* DNS Log Collection - Part 1 Introduction

* DNS Log Collection and Parsing - Windows DNS

* DNS Log Collection and Parsing - Linux DNS Servers (on various implementations)

I think this is the third or fourth package Amazon’s drivers have lost of mine. Can I just go back to any other carrier??

COVID-19, masks, please wear one 

I am in “one of those areas” where apparently wearing a mask you’re breathing in carbon dioxide and masks do “literally nothing”.

They need to turn wearing a mask into a game. I firmly believe this is the only way to get some people to help slow spread.

I’d like to lower my chances of dying from a preventable virus by someone spending a few cents on a mask. “A mask is worth 35 cents, how much is a life worth?” — there’s your campaign.

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