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All is quiet here in Synfinnerburgh. My brain hurts, it’s time to sleep.

I've come to the realization that my madness is a strength.

Finally, news coverage that isn't coronavirus. It has taken us three months, but we've finally done it.

The state of COVID-19 info in my area... 

When you flip flop on info like this, it leads to people being turds and not following any guidelines.

Our roads are busy, people are having parties, and few people care anymore. :/

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The state of COVID-19 info in my area... 

- Don't go outside.
- If you do, then wear a mask.
- if you elect to wear a mask, you don't need it unless in a closed space.
- Everyone is being tested
- You have to qualify to be tested
- Everyone is dying
- More than 50% of deaths are isolated to nursing homes
- It's on every surface
- It may not spread well on surfaces.
- Don't come to a hospital if you think you have only a mild case of COVID-19

This is getting really stupid.

I should probably sleep. There be much hacking to have later :)

Slowly learning Golang. This has been quite interesting.

Frets cleaned and conditioned, new strings about to be on. Studio day is good day

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