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Just watched a few episodes of After Life on Netflix..

Wow. What an emotional roller coaster. Almost need a good cry after that.

Things I don't trust:

Riot Games, owned by Tencent, a known facilitator of Chinese government censorship and surveillance, is using anti-cheat software that runs in Ring 0, all the time, regardless of if the games are running or not, and is closed source.

Have been using the Flow app for productivity. It's actually pretty useful.

Maybe it will help you too

Me: Can't sleep at night.
Also me: "I'll probably just grab another cup of coffee or tea at 2000"

Wow. Didn't realise how late it is...eek.

Time files when you're migrating servers.

Moved Dreadsec over to a new server. I think it worked?


Need to come up with more blog content D:

Life has been too hectic to actually sit down and work on things recently.

I just want a bot network to inform people better than nation states can.

Not for evil, but to spread my love of tacos.

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