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The CIA literally owned Crypto AG from 1970 on, pushing out weakened crypto systems and allowing them to read messages sent around the world.


It may be cheesy, but I always find that writing down code and explaining it in my notes really helps me learn languages.

Clover Successfully Produced 2019-nCoV Subunit Vaccine Candidate and Detected Cross-Reacting Antibodies from Sera of Multiple Infected Patients

Ooh, looks like a great investment ...

"It was terrifying,” Schmidt said. “We discontinued the experiment after 15 minutes and destroyed the data. A well-known offensive tester that consulted with JAS on this remarked that during the experiment it was ‘raining credentials’ and that he’d never seen anything like it.”

I want to export my starred locations from Google Maps as vCards :-/ Anyone have tips on how to do this?

Equipment has been ordered. Can't wait for this new project to kick off.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


Remember kids, a service is not vulnerable if it's off/disabled/firewalled.

This is what I've learned.

Social media is really just reply-all email with people forwarding it around.


When your threat model is every nation-state 🧅

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