COVID-19, masks, please wear one 

I am in “one of those areas” where apparently wearing a mask you’re breathing in carbon dioxide and masks do “literally nothing”.

They need to turn wearing a mask into a game. I firmly believe this is the only way to get some people to help slow spread.

I’d like to lower my chances of dying from a preventable virus by someone spending a few cents on a mask. “A mask is worth 35 cents, how much is a life worth?” — there’s your campaign.

@alrs at some point I’m going to work on channels and more acquainted with some libraries...also need to come up with more projects to learn

@alrs really enjoying it still. Going to try this sleep thing again :/

@sir I agree so much with this.

Almost cried with how much I agree

Does anyone here have a basic understanding of German temporary residence processes/requirements? I’m looking a year or more into the future, but basically I’d like to spend several months living in Germany to immerse myself in the language and culture, and bring my family for part of that time. Income won’t be an issue as my job is 100% remote and they don’t care where I live, but ideally I’d want to also work part time tending bar or something to have a broader range of interactions.

Just looking for some more information about what kinds of things I’d have to plan for, etc. if I want to make that happen

Boosts for visibility would be a big help!

If you're based in France, my team at Scaleway :scw: is looking for a Senior Software Engineer (for Object Storage) and an Engineering Manager.

Details here: :mastodon_oops:

@tomosaigon Whatever go is defaulting to at the moment. I haven't gotten into using a custom resolver...yet.

It ain't much, but I'm learning....

Made a script to get IPs from host names using only Golang built in libs.

Things have been really crazy over here.

I'm losing my mind, the air is basically lava, and I'd like to just be programming

Flashed the BIOS on my Thinkpad x230 with coreboot via skulls and an RPi, and popped in an SSD. Now that the whitelist is gone, I'm upgrading the wireless card next!

@sir Just saw this and trying out Migadu. Service is quite nice so far. Thanks for showing some vendors!

This reaffirms my suspicion that we are going to purposely second wave ourselves and then wonder “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!?!”


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Went to the store. Most the people didn’t have masks..the ones that did, a majority didn’t cover their noses or just had it around their neck.

Don’t try to be the smartest person in the room. Because if you are, you are in the wrong room.

Warren Buffet

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