I wanted to shatter some of my faith today.

I searched for SMB enabled over 445 with authentication disabled in the US. Faith partially shattered.

Windows Admin friends, have you used IIS Crypto from Nartac?

Any issues you've noted?

Everyone wants to be ZeroCool. In the end, however, most of us are Eugene

Fellow pen testers... Do me a favour, okay?

Write your methodologies down. Even if it's just commands. This has saved my a*s countless times.

There's no shame in writing things down for reference later. It might even help your team ;)

Also, it doesn't look as awkward referencing notes as it does looking things up on Google while onsite at a client. ;)

It's really late and I need sleep. But first, here's a quick post. :)

Winston Privacy - NATing, Blocking, Privacy, What?


The nice part about so many web applications focusing solely on visual design is that so many of them forget about securing data behind the scenes. :D

Looking for more of my fellow people to follow. Need to stay current :O

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